Ras El Hanout – Recipe

My Nanny and Grandad came over on Sunday. I was making the meal. So, out came the cookbook, 'The Roasting Tin' By Rukmini Iyer. I found the recipe of Ras El Hanout Slow-roasted mushrooms with pine-nuts, halloumi and flat-leaf parsley, and decided to give it a try! Here is what you will need: 600g whole chestnut… Continue reading Ras El Hanout – Recipe


My Crochet Bag

I began crocheting myself a bag when I got a camera for Christmas. It wouldn't fit in my old bag along with my other things! So, I brought some chunky wool and a 12mm hook! It took 3 and a half days to make, but I think it was worth the effort! I crocheted with… Continue reading My Crochet Bag